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Introducing Hope Kaufman, Nick LaBelle for New Jersey Assembly

Hope Kaufman Nick LaBelle New Jersey Assembly candidates District 23
Hope Kaufman
Hope Kaufman

I am firmly committed to the community in which I live. After my family and I moved to Tewksbury in 2013, I became a reliable, consistent, and knowledgeable asset to my community and beyond.

Through my involvement and commitment to Tewksbury, I have built a reputation as a dedicated, thoughtful, and collaborative leader on the various Boards and Commissions to which I have been appointed. I have served on the Tewksbury Scenic Roads and Bridges Commission and the Tewksbury Forestry Advisory Board.  I have chaired the Parks Committee to name a few. I am also on the Board of Directors at the Barat Foundation a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to expanding creative opportunities.

I have always taken a careful and balanced approach to bringing functional policies and initiatives forward and to completion. For over 15 years I have utilized my expertise in strategic planning and program management to execute over 450 million dollars in environmental, parks, and infrastructure projects.  I possess a diverse set of skills that has prepared me to take on the role of an Assemblyperson in LD23. For too long, members of the community have been underserved by representatives who have operated under the style of “business as usual.”  I know that we have to have a game plan for the challenges that lie ahead and to re-think how things have been done in the past.

It’s time to think outside the box.

My mission now is to make sure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent effectively as we organize through the recovery from COVID-19.  I will fight to bring every possible resource back to LD23.  I believes we must take every opportunity to preserve our small-town spirit. We also need to ensure viability in our downtown areas and support small and local businesses. We must find creative ways for economic growth and look for opportunities to enhance the quality of life for every resident. This must be our top priority. These are not unattainable goals; they are realistic and achievable with the right experience and voices advocating on the district’s behalf.

My running mate Nick LaBelle and I look forward to working for, and representing YOU in Trenton next year.

Hope Kaufman

Nick LaBelle
Nick LaBelle

I credit my family for my passion for public service.  My mother especially instilled in me from an early age to ‘think of others, before yourself.’ To me, these were more than just words. It has become a way of life for me. As a young boy I volunteered at my local church, and later in high school participated in the YMCA civic engagement programs. As a proud Eagle Scout, I took on the project of restoring the Landsdown Trail in Clinton that so many of us enjoy hiking today.

I am well prepared to take on the challenges that face LD23. In addition to my business and economic studies at Rutgers University, I have taken on many roles working at my family’s textile business that my grandfather founded in 1946. Whether I was needed in the warehouse or in the office preparing invoices, I learned all aspects of the business.  I understand the meaning of a hard day's work.  I, like other small business owners, am aware of the importance of having elected officials that you can depend upon for help and assistance in times of trouble, especially like the ones we experienced in 2021.  I will utilize my business skills when making sound and rational decisions as your Assemblyman.  

This past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, I took on a monumental challenge while serving as Rutgers University Student Body President.  I was instrumental in creating the first COVID-19 student government relief program in the nation, acting before Congress, which has provided emergency relief to students needing assistance with rent or facing food insecurity.  But I didn’t stop there.   I decided to take on an environmental challenge by encouraging the University through a student referendum to divest its endowment from fossil fuel investments.  Together by helping to empower and connect a coalition of stakeholders, I played a key role in encouraging the University to take proactive steps towards Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resilience.  I will bring the values of service from our state university to the state house.

My running mate Hope Kaufman and I look forward to working for, and representing YOU in Trenton next year.


Nick LaBelle

Hope Kaufman and Nick LaBelle for NJ LD 23

You can learn more about Hope and Nick by visiting their social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hope and Nick appear on the Democratic Primary Ballot for voters who are affiliated with the Democratic Party and who reside in New Jersey Legislative District 23. Curious if you live in that district? Click here to learn which municipalities are included.

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