Monday, December 7, 2020

Thank you for your support ! -- Sonia Ron

Sonia Ron

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of Washington Borough. I felt heard and supported by so many of you throughout this campaign. I’ve learned a lot through this process and loved getting to know the many residents of this town. This was a hard campaign. We had to find unique and different ways of spreading our message, from social media to virtual outreach events. This created within our campaign an atmosphere of creativity and excitement that carried us through the end.

I have been so honored to work and meet with so many people along the way. My running mate, Josephine Noone, who ran for mayor, is an incredible and truly dedicated member of the council that genuinely cares about the residents of Washington Borough. I am grateful for her support and the leadership she provided, as well as our growing friendship. My other running mate, Chris Bauknight, who ran for council with me is a special person that I had the privilege to get to know better because of this campaign. Chris believes in a better government and is committed to making the Borough a better place for everyone to live in. I especially want to thank my family because without their support I would not have been able to do all that was required of me. My partner, Lisa, not only supported me but campaigned with me every step of the way, from phone calls to delivering literature. Our sons also gave me their complete support, always stepping up when needed. There are so many others that I want to thank like Chris, Ian, Ethel, Elizabeth, Penelope, Amy, Pamela, Josh, Tom, and many others. To all of you, I am truly thankful. What I am trying to say is that it took all of these people and so many others working endlessly because they believe in serving and in making our community an even better place to live and work in.

I can honestly say that I learned something from each and every person I came across. I heard their concerns, their thoughts, and their visions of what Washington Borough is to them. I know that there is still so much to do and that working together, we will make the Borough a place all will want to be part of.

Thank you again and again to all of you and I promise you that I will continue to work toward all that this campaign envisioned for the future. See you all in 2022!



Sonia Ron

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