Monday, November 23, 2020

Buttzville Bridge or Bust(ed) ! -- Trail Hike

Maggie Watts

Buttzville Bridge or Bust(ed) !!  Trail Hike

Saturday, November 28th 2020 starting at 11 AM
Meet at: Oxford Bikeway Trailhead,
181 Lower Denmark Road, Oxford NJ

What Is This About ??

My sister clued me into a charity run forming in Philadelphia PA called the "Fraud Street Run", a satirical play on the Broad Street Run hosted annually in that city.   What is different about it, and what makes it satirical, is this particular race was planned to start at the Four Seasons Landscaping Company in Northeast Philadelphia, and end at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City.  

Recall that the landscaping company was the site of the bizarre news conference staged by Rudy Guiliani on Saturday November 7th.   The press conference, and business itself, gained notoriety through a Tweet sent by POTUS45.

Since its announcement, the event itself started to grow in popularity and interest.   Out of concern of having hundreds of people run through Philadelphia during the COVID pandemic, the race organizers have since abandoned the physical route to now go "all virtual".

How Do We Show Our Support ?

The Fraud Street Run organizers are encouraging people, worldwide, to

  1. walk, run or bike "eleven -ish miles" any time on November 28th or 29th, anywhere in the world.
  2. donate $10 to Philabundance, Delaware Valley’s largest hunger-relief organization as your registration fee
  3. show your virtual participation worldwide by posting on social media with the hash tag '#FraudStreetRun'.

This Is Funny, and I Want In 

In the spirit of the #FraudStreetRun, we will doing an "out and back", socially distanced, socially responsible, local hike on November 28th 2020.  We will be hiking along a portion of the Warren Railroad abandoned right of way which now comprises the Oxford Bikeway and Pequest Trail in Oxford Township.  The distance of our local hike will be less than the #FraudStreetRun "eleven -ish miles":  we will be hiking between the Bikeway Trailhead (mile marker 9.75) on Lower Denmark Road and the abandoned railroad bridge close to the intersection of Routes 31 and 46 in Buttzville (mile marker 7.20). The event will start at 11 AM from the trail head located at 181 Lower Denmark Road, Oxford, NJ.   Plan for an hours walk along the trail.   

What (and who) should I bring ?

Bring snacks, a mask and water !!!   And if you have a dog, consider bringing them along too.   Maggie would love company !


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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thank you for the humbling experience! -- Chris Bauknight

Chris Bauknight
Council Member Candidate 2020, Washington Borough NJ

In this vlog post Chris Bauknight, Washington Borough NJ council member candidate for 2020, reflects on his candidacy, thanks his friends, family and supporters, offers gratitude for his endorsements, and hints at what is next for him in the future. 

Read Chris' blog posts @

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Reflecting on the local 2020 Borough campaign

Forward Democrats !

Hello everyone !  As we wrap up the local 2020 campaign, I want to share my reflections on what we accomplished.

First, I want to extend my thanks to Josephine Noone, Sonia Ron and Chris Bauknight for running this year.  Even though we did not win the election, we ran a highly engaged and energetic campaign that had a few notable "firsts" for us.  I'll elaborate on those later in this message.

But before I do, I want to thank our supporters.  Without your engagement, we and our candidates would not be able to do what we do here in the Borough:  supporting quality candidates in their quest for public service, and providing them resources and the environment to get their message out to the residents.

I thank our volunteers who gave their time and talent this year with phone banking, canvassing and the social media support.   I realize all of us have busy lives: family and friends and jobs that compete for our time and attention.   It is difficult to carve out additional time for community service, and I recognize those who are able to do so.   We had many who lent a helping hand this year.   At risk of excluding people, I want to call out a few by name who made notable contributions this year:  Ian Watts, Carole Ann Dicton, Neah Wilson, Josh Lafargue, Elizabeth Gittins, Iris Perrot, Scott McDonald, Ricky Waller and Ina Walls.   Thank you for your time and talents !

I thank those residents who hosted lawn signs in their front yards, and especially in this divisive year in which we sometimes saw sad, obnoxious and, frankly at times, illegal behavior.   I realize how traumatic this can be.   I am proud of those who experienced this behavior and still were committed to supporting us.   Your undeterred resilience, even in face of adversity, is cherished.   (Thank you again!)

I thank our financial donors who provided monetary contributions.   I receive many questions about why money matters on local campaigns.  Plainly put, it does.   It takes money to buy postage, door hangers, postcards, lawn signs, internet addresses, radio ads, and social media ads.   All of these are necessary for us to get our candidates' message out, allowing the voters to become comfortable with them and their backgrounds as they consider them against our opposition.   The importance of media communications was especially true this year as we could not effectively canvass door to door as we had in the past, due to the ongoing COVID epidemic.

And now, I want to highlight a few "firsts" we accomplished this year, enhancing our campaigning skills and capabilities from prior years.  

  1. Establishment of the Washington Borough Democrats Blog, and its email subscription service;
  2. Assertive social media campaigning, on local Facebook private groups;
  3. Assertive promotion of Vote By Mail, on social media, door hangers and postcards;
  4. Internet Web ad placements;
  5. Radio ads on WRNJ;
  6. SMS Text Banking

As in years past, we carry forward valuable accomplishments to future elections.   On this note, you may be wondering what we carried forward from prior elections and expanded in 2020.

  1. Paid political ads on Facebook and Instagram;
  2. Fundraising in conjunction with local businesses;
  3. Door to door canvassing (twice, in a pandemic...);
  4. Phone banking
Engaged citizens make for a robust community for all who live in it.   As an outcome of our campaigning activities, we engaged residents in the political process.  And by doing so, we increased resident interest and involvement, thus building that robust community where we all want to live.   

Speaking for all Washington Borough Democratic Committee members, we look forward towards future elections where we continue to identify, cultivate and support community leaders who drive our town forward!

All the best,
Chris Vitalos
Municipal Chair
Washington Borough Democratic Committee

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Thank you for your support!

Josephine Noone Councilwoman Washington Borough NJ
Josephine Noone
Councilwoman, Washington Borough, NJ

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me during this campaign. Thank you for donating your time and money, hosting signs, supporting me on social media, advocating for me with your friends and neighbors, and encouraging me when I saw you downtown or ran into you at the supermarket. And thank you for your vote!

Thank you to Chris Bauknight and Sonia Ron for being such dedicated and inspiring running mates.

Congratulations to David Higgins on his reelection as Mayor of Washington Borough, and to Louann Cox and Michael Heinrich on their election to Council.

I look forward to working constructively with everyone on Council for the benefit of the residents of Washington Borough as I continue to serve as a Councilwoman.

Thank you again to all of the people who helped me share my message and get out the vote. You made this an uplifting and positive experience and I am very grateful.

I promise to keep working hard for you and to always put our community first!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday season.

Josephine Noone

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