Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I'm Asking for Your Vote! -- Josephine Noone

Josephine Noone

My Background:

I am an experienced Councilwoman and 25-year resident of the Borough. I have deep roots in Washington and live in the house my grandparents built. My husband, Kevin, and I raised our son in Washington, and over the years we have made many friends through attending PTO meetings, recreational programs, and community events, and supporting local businesses.

In my six years on Council, I have worked to improve services and infrastructure while avoiding tax increases. I am the Council Liaison to the Washington Business Improvement District otherwise known as the WBID. I manage the Washington Borough Farmers’ Market in partnership with the WBID and the Borough Green Team. The farmers’ market supports local farms and small businesses and brought over 2,000 people into our downtown in 2020. I worked to pass an Abandoned Properties Ordinance, which has decreased the number of abandoned properties in the borough and improved the maintenance of properties that are still vacant. I worked to create the Open Space Trust Fund which enabled us to obtain over $550,000 in grants from Warren County and the State of New Jersey to purchase the 80-acre Shabbecong Mountain Preserve as recreational open space.

I am asking for your vote because:

  • My professional career as a school administrator has provided me with the leadership skills to be an effective mayor.

  • My educational background has provided me with a clear understanding of economic policy necessary to advocate for annual budgets that maximize services to residents and minimize tax increases and borrowing.

  • I am committed to this community. I am at the Farmers’ Market and in the downtown every Saturday from June to September talking to residents.

  • I am a cooperative team player. I have worked to build positive relationships with my fellow Council members, Borough employees, our business community, and members of the public. I listen to people’s concerns and work collaboratively to get things accomplished.

  • I will ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency by working with Council, the Borough Manager, and our Chief Financial Officer to create a five-year spending plan for large capital expenses and use it to inform the public.

  • I am a strong advocate for clean water and clean air so Washington Borough will continue to be a healthy and safe place to raise our children.

  • Finally, I will proactively communicate with Washington Borough residents and business owners through social media and monthly newsletters.

As a Councilwoman in Washington Borough for the past six years and throughout my career in the New Jersey Public Schools, I have demonstrated leadership in service to the community. I am ready to lead Washington Borough as the next Mayor. When elected, I will work proactively and constructively to help us recover from the COVID-19 epidemic. My running mates, Sonia Ron and Chris Bauknight, and I will bring to Borough Council our love of this community and our desire to work together to make things better for everyone. Thank you for your support!

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