Thursday, October 22, 2020

My goals for this Borough -- Chris Bauknight

Chris Bauknight
Chris Bauknight

Hello, my name is Chris Bauknight and this year I am running for a seat on Washington Borough Council.  During this year, 2020, we have been adapting to these uncertain times. Not only with Covid-19, the loss of jobs, mental health, up and down economy and so on. We the people have to look at each other and ask ourselves where does change start and begin.  In my view that starts small in our own daily lives.  Our town needs change as well.  We needs to.grow this town via investment. We need more entrepreneurship.  It's time to build up this town while maintaining our values and what makes it attractive to you and me. 

You may be asking "Well that sounds good but who is going to do this?"  In my view it starts by getting to know who is running, who they are, and their main goals to help us as a Borough.   I know it is too easy to become distracted by worrying about the top of the ticket and the national news.  We have to stay locally focused.  We need each other. We need to turn and start this change.

We need more entrepreneurship, reinvestment in our town. That is my main goal to the growth of our town and the growth of every family here in town. Financial education and services for us and by us. In closing we have 18 to vote on the changes to political positions. But we need to take a real look Into ourselves and see what we change and contribute to our Borough. Everyone has to do their part. It takes an open-mind, willingness to listen and take action.   My running mates and I have these qualities.

It's time to get up, get out and go make it happen.  But to start we need a dialogue. Yes we are not always going to agree on issues but starting the conversation helps. We were born with two ears and one mouth. We have to listen up better than ever. Now we need leaders who are ready to work, who listen and who are not afraid to stand for the right issues.  My running mates and I are those people.    We ask you for your votes this November 3rd to give us a chance to guide this town, to represent you on council, to seek grants to bring training and opportunities here, locally.   We need your support to realize our shared goals.

Thank you, God bless you, and this Borough.

Chris Bauknight

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