Thursday, October 22, 2020

My goals for this Borough -- Chris Bauknight

Chris Bauknight
Chris Bauknight

Hello, my name is Chris Bauknight and this year I am running for a seat on Washington Borough Council.  During this year, 2020, we have been adapting to these uncertain times. Not only with Covid-19, the loss of jobs, mental health, up and down economy and so on. We the people have to look at each other and ask ourselves where does change start and begin.  In my view that starts small in our own daily lives.  Our town needs change as well.  We needs to.grow this town via investment. We need more entrepreneurship.  It's time to build up this town while maintaining our values and what makes it attractive to you and me. 

You may be asking "Well that sounds good but who is going to do this?"  In my view it starts by getting to know who is running, who they are, and their main goals to help us as a Borough.   I know it is too easy to become distracted by worrying about the top of the ticket and the national news.  We have to stay locally focused.  We need each other. We need to turn and start this change.

We need more entrepreneurship, reinvestment in our town. That is my main goal to the growth of our town and the growth of every family here in town. Financial education and services for us and by us. In closing we have 18 to vote on the changes to political positions. But we need to take a real look Into ourselves and see what we change and contribute to our Borough. Everyone has to do their part. It takes an open-mind, willingness to listen and take action.   My running mates and I have these qualities.

It's time to get up, get out and go make it happen.  But to start we need a dialogue. Yes we are not always going to agree on issues but starting the conversation helps. We were born with two ears and one mouth. We have to listen up better than ever. Now we need leaders who are ready to work, who listen and who are not afraid to stand for the right issues.  My running mates and I are those people.    We ask you for your votes this November 3rd to give us a chance to guide this town, to represent you on council, to seek grants to bring training and opportunities here, locally.   We need your support to realize our shared goals.

Thank you, God bless you, and this Borough.

Chris Bauknight

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I'm Asking for Your Vote! -- Josephine Noone

Josephine Noone

My Background:

I am an experienced Councilwoman and 25-year resident of the Borough. I have deep roots in Washington and live in the house my grandparents built. My husband, Kevin, and I raised our son in Washington, and over the years we have made many friends through attending PTO meetings, recreational programs, and community events, and supporting local businesses.

In my six years on Council, I have worked to improve services and infrastructure while avoiding tax increases. I am the Council Liaison to the Washington Business Improvement District otherwise known as the WBID. I manage the Washington Borough Farmers’ Market in partnership with the WBID and the Borough Green Team. The farmers’ market supports local farms and small businesses and brought over 2,000 people into our downtown in 2020. I worked to pass an Abandoned Properties Ordinance, which has decreased the number of abandoned properties in the borough and improved the maintenance of properties that are still vacant. I worked to create the Open Space Trust Fund which enabled us to obtain over $550,000 in grants from Warren County and the State of New Jersey to purchase the 80-acre Shabbecong Mountain Preserve as recreational open space.

I am asking for your vote because:

  • My professional career as a school administrator has provided me with the leadership skills to be an effective mayor.

  • My educational background has provided me with a clear understanding of economic policy necessary to advocate for annual budgets that maximize services to residents and minimize tax increases and borrowing.

  • I am committed to this community. I am at the Farmers’ Market and in the downtown every Saturday from June to September talking to residents.

  • I am a cooperative team player. I have worked to build positive relationships with my fellow Council members, Borough employees, our business community, and members of the public. I listen to people’s concerns and work collaboratively to get things accomplished.

  • I will ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency by working with Council, the Borough Manager, and our Chief Financial Officer to create a five-year spending plan for large capital expenses and use it to inform the public.

  • I am a strong advocate for clean water and clean air so Washington Borough will continue to be a healthy and safe place to raise our children.

  • Finally, I will proactively communicate with Washington Borough residents and business owners through social media and monthly newsletters.

As a Councilwoman in Washington Borough for the past six years and throughout my career in the New Jersey Public Schools, I have demonstrated leadership in service to the community. I am ready to lead Washington Borough as the next Mayor. When elected, I will work proactively and constructively to help us recover from the COVID-19 epidemic. My running mates, Sonia Ron and Chris Bauknight, and I will bring to Borough Council our love of this community and our desire to work together to make things better for everyone. Thank you for your support!

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Monday, October 12, 2020

New Jersey Vote By Mail - General Election 2020

On August 14th 2020 New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that the state will conduct the general election with a nearly all Vote By Mail (VBM) format.   The general election will expand upon the model used in the July primary. 

Here is what to expect:

  1. ALL registered voters will automatically receive an official Vote By Mail (VBM) Ballot.  You do NOT need to submit an application as was the case prior to May 2020.  Ballots are schedule to be mailed during late September.   Contact the county Board of Elections for a specific date.
  2. Voters can return their VBM ballots via USPS, and ballots must be post marked by November 3rd to count.   The USPS recommends placing your VBM ballot in the mail NO LATER than October 26th.
  3. Voters can return their VBM ballots by depositing them in one of the eleven (11) secure drop boxes located throughout the county.  All boxes will accept ballots starting October 1st through Election Day, November 3rd.  The boxes will be closed down at 8 PM on Election Day.

  4. NJ Secure Ballot Drop Box, Washington Twsp, Warren County NJ
    Secure Ballot Drop Box located at WTPD, Route 31, Washington NJ 07882

    Here is a full list of secure ballot drop box locations:

    Location Address
    Belvidere Municipal Building 691 Water Street, Belvidere, NJ 07823
    Blairstown Municipal Building 106 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825
    Hackettstown Municipal Building 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
    Lopatcong Municipal Building 232 South Third St., Morris Park, Lopatcong, NJ 08865
    Washington Township Municipal Building 211 Route 31 North, Washington, NJ 07882
    Allamuchy Municipal Building 292 Alphano Road, Allamuchy, NJ 07820
    Franklin Municipal Building 2093 Route 57, Broadway, NJ 08808
    Hope Municipal Building 407 Great Meadows Road, Hope, NJ 07844
    Knowlton Municipal Building 628 Route 94, Columbia, NJ 07832
    Mansfield Municipal Building 100 Port Murray Road, Port Murray, NJ 07865
    Phillipsburg Public Works Building 441 Heckman Street, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

  5. Voters can hand in their VBM ballots at their physical polling location where they reside, by leaving them with a poll worker. 
  6. Able bodied voters will have the option to vote in person, if they choose to do so, by completing a provisional ballot.
  7. Disabled voters will be accommodated with American for Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant devices.
  8. To guard against "double counting", the county Board of Elections will screen all ballots received (vote by mail and provisional) for duplicates -- more than one ballot submitted by a single voter.   In this case, the VBM ballot will always take precedence. 

And now here are some suggestions and observations:

  1. Long lines at the physical polling locations are likely to form.   Remember the 2016 general election? 

  2. IF you Vote By Mail, DO SO AS EARLY AS YOU CAN.
  3. IF you want to avoid the long lines and/or concerned about COVID-19, consider returning your ballot via USPS, or use the secure drop boxes.  
  4. Are you interested in tracking if the county Board of Elections has received your VBM Ballot after you deposited it?   If yes, you need to sign up for a "My Voter Record" account.   Click below for a short video that will guide you through the account setup process, and how to log into the New Jersey Vote By Mail Portal. 



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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Focus on our community, first -- Sonia Ron

Sonia Ron
Sonia Ron

Hello, my name is Sonia Ron and I am running for Washington Borough Council. I want to tell you a little about myself. 

I have lived here in the Borough for over twenty years and our boys have attended the local schools, played sports, and made lifelong friends here. The things that affect you affect my family too. I love and have enjoyed all that Warren County can offer. I want better roads, better snow removal, and I worry about the constantly growing drug use in our county. In other words, your concerns are mine too. 

I want to start a program with the police department and for our youth to start a positive relationship based on trust rather than fear. I am not a politician; I am just like you and my concerns are your concerns. I have been saying over and over that I stand on community first, politics second and I truly believe that. 

My interest in this community; our community. Our focus should be on what unites us rather on what separates us. This horrible pandemic, COVID 19, has shown us that. I have seen neighbors reach out to neighbors that they have not talked to in years, come together, and simply ask “How are you? Just wanted to say hi and see how you’re doing.” 

I have seen our community also support each other during this time of uncertainty, when the color of a man’s skin has set other communities on fire it has brought unity and support in ours. I was reminded of this when we had our first meeting in support of racial equality down town. I have seen neighbors sharing resources with one another. I have seen neighbors drop off groceries when we knew there was need. This is our community; no one can tell me that its not who we are. 

I believe in this town and its people; because I know you. You are my friends and my neighbors. And because of this and all these things I will work with both Republicans and Democrats to continue to make a better life for your family and mine. 

I need your vote. Remember, our community comes first, politics is, and always should be, second.

Sonia Ron

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Show your Biden Harris support with this lawn sign!

We are distributing these NOW!

The Warren County Democratic Committee (WCDC) wants to see Joe Biden elected as our next President, Kamala Harris as our next Vice President and wants you to help out!

To show your support, the WCDC is offering Biden Harris campaign signs you can proudly display in your front yard.   We sold out of our initial run of "Warren / Sussex Counties for Biden / Harris" lawn signs, but are still receiving requests.   So we arranged to have a limited number signs shipped to us from the Ocean County Democratic Committee.

Are you interested in hosting?   If you are...


The WCDC is asking for a nominal $10 donation.  All proceeds help defray the cost of running Democratic campaigns in Warren County.

You have two options to submit:

A) Mail a check payable to "Warren County Democratic Committee"

P.O. Box 415
Washington, New Jersey,  07882

If you submit a check, be sure to provide a contact email or phone number so we can follow up with you.
B) Make a donation online via Act Blue:  
  1. Open this web address in your browser:
  2. Click on the "No, Donate Once" dark blue box
  3. Click on "Donate $10" under "Donate Immediately"
  4. You may optionally leave a "tip" for Act Blue for their online services, if you want, then press "Continue"
  5. Here a screen will appear to take your credit card number.

When the campaign signs are ready for distribution, the WCDC will deliver the signs to the address you indicate on the online form, or on your check.

On behalf of the Warren County Democratic Committee, thank you again for your interest, engagement and support of our candidates in 2020!

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Theresa Bender Chapman for Freeholder 2020

Why should you vote for Theresa for Freeholder?

Theresa Bender Chapman is running on a platform to:

  1. bring improved access to high-speed Internet service,
  2. attract job-creating industries and economic growth to the region, and
  3. bring more federal dollars into Warren County to help modernize and upgrade infrastructure and services.

“As a working mother of two, I am very aware of the challenges that families face making ends meet,” Chapman said. “Fiscal responsibility, developing viable economic opportunities, delivering high quality services, and encouraging agricultural development are important aspects of maintaining and improving the quality of life in Warren County,” she said.

Sustainable land use and development

Currently, Chapman is the President of the non-profit group Citizens for Sustainable Development, CFSD. In this role, she has increased public awareness on local land use policy, inappropriate developments in our area, and advocated for local municipalities to review and update zoning to align with current Master Plans.

Attracting business investment to Warren County

Chapman said she will also focus on attracting industry and investment to Warren County that will provide smart and sustainable investment.

“Warren County is quickly becoming Warehouse County,” Chapman said. “We need to look for better, more sustainable solutions for our large commercial vacancies, such as the Phillipsburg Mall. There are many industries that would bring high quality jobs and increased economic revenues to Warren County that would enhance our communities,” Chapman said. Chapman said high-speed Internet access and securing Warren County’s fair share of federal funding to improve technology infrastructure, will be a top priority.

High speed internet access

“Why, in 2020, are Warren County residents, schools and businesses still suffering without desperately needed high speed Internet service?” Chapman said. “Our long neglect of this issue has become even more urgent during the COVID-19 crisis, when technology has become crucial for our residents to attend school remotely, work from home, and run their businesses. The federal government has made funding available for local communities to upgrade their technology infrastructure. Why aren’t we accessing these funds?” she said.

Family commitment to public service

Chapman said she was inspired to run for office by her father, Thomas G. Bender, a Vietnam veteran who formerly served as Chairman of Government Affairs for Rolling Thunder and chair of the New Jersey Veteran Advisory Council.

“I learned my advocacy skills from my father, who was nationally recognized as POW/MIA Activist of the Year by the National Alliance of POW/MIA Families for his efforts,” Chapman said.

About Theresa

Theresa Bender Chapman is a special education teacher with more than 18 years of experience working in education and promoting the welfare of children, schools, and the community. She holds a B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of West Florida, and an Executive M.A. in Educational Leadership, Management, and Policy from Seton Hall University, where she obtained her Principal and Supervisor Certification. Throughout her career, she has coached and led groups of students to become peer leaders; served as a member of the District Technology Committee, and chaired several committees, including the School Safety and the Faculty Advisory Committee.

Chapman has served as a tireless advocate for public education, working on educational issues at the local, state, and national levels, and has prioritized community involvement and volunteerism. She has served as Committee Chair of Harmony Cub Scouts Pack 503, coach for Harmony Township Youth Athletic Association, team manager for ENCO Soccer Club and secretary for Harmony PTA and Belvidere Wrestling Booster Club. Currently, she is the president of the non-profit group Citizens for Sustainable Development, CFSD. In this role, she has increased public awareness on local land use policy, inappropriate developments in our area, and advocated for local municipalities to review and update zoning to align with current Master Plans.

Chapman has lived in Warren County for more than two decades and resides in Harmony with her two children—a sixth grader at Harmony Elementary School and a senior at Belvidere High School.


For more information, visit Chapman’s campaign page on Facebook, or contact her via Email.

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Monday, October 5, 2020

Why Should You Vote for Me for Mayor? -- Josephine Noone

Josephine Noone

Why Should You Vote for Me for Mayor?

  1. I have the job experience to be an effective mayor. As a former school administrator with over 25 years on the job, I regularly interviewed, hired, supervised, managed, and evaluated staff members and allocated and monitored annual budget expenditures.

  2. I have a strong educational background which prepares me to be mayor. I have an undergraduate degree in International Relations with a minor in Economics, and a master's degree in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy.

  3. I will ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency by working with Borough Council members and our Chief Financial Officer to create a five-year spending plan for large capital expenses and use it to inform the public.

  4. I am a cooperative team player. I have worked to build positive relationships with my fellow Council members, our Borough Manager, Borough employees, our business community, and the members of the public. I listen to people’s concerns and work cooperatively to get things accomplished.

  5. I am out in the community at the Farmers’ Market and in our downtown every Saturday from June to September talking to residents. I take the time to get to know people and listen to their suggestions about how to improve Washington Borough.

  6. I am a strong advocate for clean water and clean air so Washington Borough will continue to be a great place to raise our children in a clean environment and ensure their health and safety, not only on Borough property but throughout the community.

  7. Finally, I will proactively communicate with Washington Borough residents and business owners through social media and monthly newsletters so that everyone knows how their tax dollars are being utilized to improve our community.

We must work together in a proactive and constructive manner to recover from the COVID-19 epidemic. My running mates, Chris Bauknight and Sonia Ron, and I will bring to Borough Council our love of this community and our desire to work together to make things better for everyone.

I look forward to serving the citizens of Washington Borough! Please vote as soon as possible after receiving your ballot in the mail and no later than November 3rd.

Thank you for your support!

Josephine Noone

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Community first, politics second - Sonia Ron

Sonia Ron
Sonia Ron

I know that during this pandemic we have all had lots to think about and maybe we have just heard too much of everything and nothing. But, at the end of the day what is truly important to us and what impacts us is what happens here in our community, Washington Borough. I want to share with you what is important to me as someone who lives in Washington Borough. First, having paved streets without potholes is important because the state of our streets influence how others view our town and does serious damage to our vehicles. Second, response time during crises such as storms and power outages are important for safety reasons. Third, our police department is important because they are tasked with keeping us and our families safe. And finally, our children are extremely important because they deserve all the protection we can give them in this town.

These are areas I want to address when I am elected, by you, to the Washington Borough council. I will work hard with the mayor and the council, regardless of political party affiliation, to make sure that our streets are safe to drive on. I will work with the town manager during times of crisis to keep lines of communication open so that he is aware of any issues so that we assist your families and mine. And, one of the most important items I want to accomplish is to put together a youth program with the cooperation and coordination of other elected officials and the police department. The purpose of this is to create positive experiences between our law enforcement and our children so that young people in town feel safe when reaching out to the police department. I know that every Washington Borough elected official will work with me on this because at the end of the day, we all love our kids and will put their safety first. Our community should come first in the minds and hearts of all elected officials, as it does for me.

I know that these issues are just important to me, but that they are important to all of you as well. We want to create a town that reflects not only our own pride in living in Washington Borough, but also our care and consideration for safety and families. I thank you all for wanting these things with me and I appreciate your vote to help me work toward making Washington Borough a better place to live for our families and friends. Community first, politics second.

Sonia Ron

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My Goals as YOUR Councilman -- Chris Bauknight

Chris Bauknight -- Borough Council Candidate

Community First!

Why should you vote for me to represent YOU on Borough Council?

I will:

  1. Aid in recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown by advocating for federal and state aid for the Borough of Washington;
  2. Aid in communicating the actions taken by Borough council and the Emergency Manager to residents via social media;
  3. Work alongside the BID to restart current businesses as they recover from the COVID 19 shutdown, and bring new businesses and to work towards improving the downtown;
  4. Maintain the solid relationship with the Borough Board of Education that I built while serving as a Board Member;
  5. Lead improvement efforts regarding race relations in Washington Borough, to bring about a more inclusive community for all;
  6. Advocate for treatment and recovery resources for people with addictions and their families;
  7. Maintain fiscal responsibility, pay down our debt, and seeking grants and shared services agreements;
  8. Introduce new diverse business to our Borough;
  9. Seeking financial training for youth and adults;
  10. Seeking funding for entrepreneurship programs for youth and adults. 


I am ready to work on Council, representing YOU. I, together with my running mates Josephine and Sonia, will bring to Council our love of this community and our desire to work together to make things better for everyone.

Thank you for your support and vote in November !


Chris Bauknight

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