Monday, October 5, 2020

Community first, politics second - Sonia Ron

Sonia Ron
Sonia Ron

I know that during this pandemic we have all had lots to think about and maybe we have just heard too much of everything and nothing. But, at the end of the day what is truly important to us and what impacts us is what happens here in our community, Washington Borough. I want to share with you what is important to me as someone who lives in Washington Borough. First, having paved streets without potholes is important because the state of our streets influence how others view our town and does serious damage to our vehicles. Second, response time during crises such as storms and power outages are important for safety reasons. Third, our police department is important because they are tasked with keeping us and our families safe. And finally, our children are extremely important because they deserve all the protection we can give them in this town.

These are areas I want to address when I am elected, by you, to the Washington Borough council. I will work hard with the mayor and the council, regardless of political party affiliation, to make sure that our streets are safe to drive on. I will work with the town manager during times of crisis to keep lines of communication open so that he is aware of any issues so that we assist your families and mine. And, one of the most important items I want to accomplish is to put together a youth program with the cooperation and coordination of other elected officials and the police department. The purpose of this is to create positive experiences between our law enforcement and our children so that young people in town feel safe when reaching out to the police department. I know that every Washington Borough elected official will work with me on this because at the end of the day, we all love our kids and will put their safety first. Our community should come first in the minds and hearts of all elected officials, as it does for me.

I know that these issues are just important to me, but that they are important to all of you as well. We want to create a town that reflects not only our own pride in living in Washington Borough, but also our care and consideration for safety and families. I thank you all for wanting these things with me and I appreciate your vote to help me work toward making Washington Borough a better place to live for our families and friends. Community first, politics second.

Sonia Ron

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