Thursday, July 16, 2020

The localized COVID response: Not good for the country, not good for our schools

Much has been written about the failure of the USA to get the COVID response under control, nationally, since the outbreak started ramping up in March. The proof here is while some states, such as New York and New Jersey, were challenged earlier than other states, the proactive measures taken by Governors Cuomo and Murphy has led to the desired "flattening of the curve." Both governors exhibited true leadership in face of great criticism, and their states prevailed.

While New York and New Jersey were struggling with the outbreaks, the current White House administration took a hand's off, "you governors are on your own" approach. Then the administration moved to buy up key resources, effectively making a difficult job even harder for these states.

Now states, such as Texas, Florida and Arizona, who took less proactive approach in preparing for an eventual outbreak, and yet took an aggressive approach in restarting their economies, are faced with soaring new cases.

In short, this regional approach is not effective to mitigating the outbreak.

Now we are faced with school re-opening. Despite being warned by the CDC earlier this month, the current administration announced that it will leave it to the local school systems to mitigate the outbreak. Essentially they are applying the same "hand's off" "you are on your own" approach at the federal level earlier this year, to how schools should be left to manage the outbreak this fall. Given the poor results shown to date, you would think another more national and muscular approach should be shown by the administration for the sake of our children's health.

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