Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Thank you, thank you for your vote! -- Sonia Ron

Sonia Ron
Sonia Ron

Thank you, thank you for your vote!

This election shows me that we as a people are still strong enough to stand up and support not only each other but our community. You did that yesterday July 7th, 2020 by voting.

Today we again begin to move forward to election day in November. I will not be moving forward alone; I will be moving forward with each and every person of my community.

Change is needed, we all see that. We need to reinvest in our future by investing in every area of our community. We as a people will reinforce our commitment to this town and to our local businesses, to our streets, to our mental health, to the growing concern with addiction of our young and our old.

We need to build a stronger bond between our police department and our youth; in other words, we need change towards a better tomorrow.

I look forward to building a greater and stronger Washington Borough. Together we will make this happen. We are all invested; we are each other’s neighbors, friends, our kids either know each other by having gone to school together or played for the Streaks, little league, soccer and or football teams. In other words, we are the community of this town.

Thank you again for your vote and I look forward to November so that we can begin working towards a brighter future together.

Sonia Ron

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