Monday, June 29, 2020

On VBM Voter Fraud

You may have seen in the news that charges have been filed against sitting Councilperson, among others, in Paterson NJ late last week. The allegation is the defendents participated an organized voter fraud scheme ring. Predictably, the New Jersey Republican Party was quick to say "We told you so!"

What is being forgotten is in 2018, a US Congressional election was invalidated, due to an organized voter fraud scheme by the local Republicans in North Carolina.

and overall, Vote By Mail statistically, has low to no incidents of voter fraud despite these claims to the contrary based on the track records of states (e.g. Washington State) that have been running their elections this way, for years.

You may ask yourself, what can I do to ensure fair elections. You can take three specific actions:

  1. If you have received a VBM ballot in the mail, DO return it to the County Board of Elections (BOE) EITHER by way of the USPS (dropping it in the mail), or dropping it off in one of the secure drop box locations in the county (the closest one to the Borough is the Washington Township Police Department on Route 31 by July 7th (Primary Election Day in New Jersey).
  2. DO NOT give your VBM to anyone you do not recognize and trust, if they ask to "help" you as your bearer -- essentially providing transport services for you in returning your ballot to the BOE.   BE SUSPICIOUS!   This action is at root of the Paterson case.
  3. If you do not want to be bothered by VBM, you can go to the poll location, stand in line and fill out a provisional ballot on July 7th.
If executed well, Vote By Mail can be a convenient way to participate in our democratic elections, maintain social distancing, and help keep coronavirus in check.  

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  1. VBM is the way to go. You receive it in the mail and if you decide you still want to vote in person then you don't mail it in and you go vote in person it's that simple.

  2. You guys are the bee's knees :)


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